Introducing Nueva

Welcome to the future of efficient and seamless logistics management with FarEye Nueva! 

Our latest innovation, FarEye Nueva, redefines the way you interact with our platform, introducing a fresh, intuitive, and faster user interface that empowers you to streamline your operations like never before.



FarEye Nueva represents a significant leap forward in enhancing your logistics and supply chain management. With a focus on simplifying complex processes and boosting productivity, FarEye Nueva presents a visually appealing, clutter-free interface that enables you to navigate through tasks effortlessly and make informed decisions with precision. 


Lightning-Fast Performance

Experience our fastest version yet, with 40% increase in the platform’s performance.


Effortless Efficiency

Designed to be more inclusive of the needs of the users, with shortcuts to power up your everyday work.


All under your control

Tailor the interface to align with your operational needs, ensuring 

a personalized experience.

Real-Time Agility

Experience lightning-fast performance that empowers you to manage assignments, track shipments, and make data-driven decisions in the blink of an eye. 

Clean Design

Enjoy a clutter-free interface that simplifies interactions and keeps your focus on efficient logistics management. 

Intuitive Navigation

Effortlessly navigate through features, benefiting newcomers and seasoned users alike with its user-friendly design.

Product Guides




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Complete Guide To The Generic Changes in FarEye Nueva

Switch To New UI

Guide To Switching To FarEye Nueva 


Guide To Nueva Navigation 


Guide To Nueva Header 


Guide To Nueva Search 

Switch Back To Old UI

Guide To Switching Back to Old UI 


Table Pages

Complete Guide To Table Page of FarEye Nueva 

Apply filters

Guide To Using Filters 

Add shipments

Guide To Adding Shipment in FarEye Nueva 

Scorecards and Charts

Guide To Scorecard and Charts in FarEye 


Complete Guide To FarEye's Table 

Download report

Guide To Downloading Report in FaEye Nueva 

Bulk action via excel 

Guide To Performing Bulk Actions via Excel Upload 

Table personalisation

Guide To Personalizing Table 

Shipment actions

Guide To Shipment Actions in Nueva 

Assign/Un-assign To Users

Guide To Assigning/Un-assigning Shipments in Nueva 

Change Shipment Status

Guide To Changing Shipment Status 


Shipment Details

Complete Guide to Shipments Detail


Active Trips Page

Complete Guide To Active Trips Page 

Apply Filters

Guide To Using Filters On Trips Page 


Guide To Using Search On Trips Page 


Guide To Trips Summary 

Trip Card

Guide To Trip Card 


Trip Details Page

Complete Guide To Trip Details Page  


Pending For Sign Off

Guide To Pending For Sign Off 


Completed Trips

Guide To Complete Trips